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Farm to School

Access a vast library of guidance on getting started, finding funding, developing menus, executing RFPs, starting school gardens, learning about legislation and policy and much more.

  • FoodHub: A tool for Farm to School

    Hear school food service directors explain how they use FoodHub to execute on their farm to school vision.

  • Needs Assessment Tool

    Those getting started with farm to school can use this Needs Assessment Tool produced by Vermont FEED’s farm to school program to take an inventory of your entire school community and provide a snapshot of your resources, needs, and opportunities. (94.3 KB PDF)

  • Five Easy Steps to Get Started

    Five easy steps from the National Farm to School Network to start your program. Applicable to food service directors, educators, parents, and others in the school community.

  • Farm to School Field Guide for Food Service

    This field guide produced by the Community Alliance with Family Farmers Farm to School Program is an excellent resource for food service directors who want to start purchasing more local foods. It includes tips on how to set goals and overcome barriers, and build a team to support your efforts. (401.6 KB PDF)

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Farm to Hospital

Nutritious, fresh food is especially important for people trying to get well, and for the staff, family and friends supporting them! Includes resources for both hospitals and producers.

  • FoodHub: Farm to Hospital

    Hear how hospital chefs and food service directors use FoodHub to find local producers to supply their kitchens.

  • Healthy Food in Healthcare: Menu of Options

    This document produced by the national organization Health Care Without Harm outlines 14 steps that healthcare institutions can take to start a healthy food program and make their organization procurement practices more sustainable. (137.7 KB PDF)

  • Health Care without Harm's Healthy Food Systems Webpage

    Health Care Without Harm is an international coalition working to implement ecologically sound and healthy alternatives to health care practices that pollute the environment and contribute to disease.

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Selling to Schools & Institutions

Producers, there is huge opportunity in selling to schools, hospitals and other institutions. To exploit that opportunity though you need to follow special rules. Start your research here.

  • Marketing Guide to Getting Started with Farm to Cafeteria Programs

    The WSDA's Small Farm and Direct Marketing Program published this useful marketing guide for getting started with Farm to Cafeteria programs. In addition to selling strategies and marketing recommendations for farmers, it outlines types of food service models and provides tips on initiating contact with schools, colleges, universities, hospitals, nursing homes, senior meal programs, and other institutions. (2.9 MB PDF)

  • Step-by-Step Marketing Guide for Selling to Schools

    Produced for the Michigan Farm to School program at Michigan State University, this step-by-step guide is useful for all farmers wanting to sell their produce to schools as well as other institutions. (4.3 MB PDF)

  • Selling Strategies for Local Food Producers

    Published by University of Missouri Extension, this guide outlines strategies to assist farmers in selling their produce in a variety of direct market settings such as farmer’s markets and CSAs, and to restaurants, cooperatives, and institutions. (1.6 MB PDF)

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