Posted on Sunday, June 27th, 2010 by Megan

Two Eugene restaurants find a local wholesale provider

Melissa Williams of Adam’s Sustainable Table and Café Maroc, two restaurants in downtown Eugene, discovered Hummingbird Wholesale when it began making posts to the FoodHub Marketplace. “We were looking for a dried Oregon cranberry,” she relays. “As it turns out, Hummingbird Wholesale dries their own Oregon cranberries with a touch of wild Oregon blackberry honey. We love them.”

Hummingbird Wholesale, also based in Eugene, is a small family-owned business that services the greater I-5 corridor from Portland through San Francisco. This one-time honey company now works directly with farmers whenever possible to purchase and sell their organic or transitional grains, beans, seeds, nuts, and dried fruit. Hummingbird continues to sell honey and has added to its lineup a raw sprouted organic granola, Ariel’s Om Grown, for which it sources ingredients exclusively from Oregon.

After Williams formed a relationship with Hummingbird through the purchase of cranberries, she discovered that the wholesaler also carries Oregon-grown pumpkin seeds, which the restaurants are now using. These Eugene businesses, which exist in close proximity, now share each other’s worlds more meaningfully.

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