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Fresh Sheet for Sellers | September 25 – October 1, 2012

The FoodHub Fresh Sheet is a rundown of what’s popping in the community this week.

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Product Alerts

Poking around for plums.

CLALLAM CANNING COMPANY – This small-batch pickling and canning company in Port Angeles,WA, sells their product wholesale by the case to retail and restaurants and at the Port Angeles Farmers’ Market. To create their specialty good they need local producer partners to provide them with plums.

SHERMAN COUNTY SCHOOL DISTRICT  – This small district that serves 250 students in Moro, OR, is interested in finding fruit through farmers. They would like to get a line on local plums so send them a message if you’re close.

COMMUNITY FARM CONNECTION – Located in Wenatchee, WA, this CSA gathers goods from local farmers, packages and distributes them to consumers in the community. If you produce sustainable plums they may be interested in speaking with you. Send them a message to introduce yourself.

Marketplace Updates

Fall fruits and veggies.

David Douglas School District in Portland is looking for pre-packaged dried FRUIT in ¼ cup portions. They would ideally like it to be a mix of cranberries and blueberries, but are open to other options as well. Respond to their Marketplace post if you have what they’re looking for.

A school near St. Paul, OR is looking for a farm that can deliver 200 small APPLES per week through the month of October. They’re working with the Ecotrust Farm to School Program to coordinate this connection so get in touch to provide an estimated price per pound.

Tumac Commodities, Inc., located in Portland, is looking for 2,000-3,000 lbs of organic green CABBAGE. They prefer product comes in 45-50lb cartons and needs to be palletized. Get in touch if you can provide them a quality product at that quantity.

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Member Spotlights

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Community Events & Updates


Marketing 101 Webinar
Spokane, WA
Inland Northwest Small Farms Conference
Seattle, WA
Cultivating NW Co-ops
Marrowstone Island, WA
2012 Northwest Permaculture Convergence
St. Paul, MN
Women’s Farm and Forestry Alliance Annual Gathering
Spokane, WA
WSDA Value-added Workshop Series – Fall ’12
Los Angeles, CA
Seedstock Sustainable Agriculture Innovation Conference
Wenatchee, WA
WSDA Value-added Workshop Series – Fall ’12
Greenville, SC
Carolina Farm Stewardship Association Sustainable Agriculture Conference
Cottage Grove, OR
Plowing with Draft Horses Workshop
Cary, NC
American Livestock Breeds Conservancy National Conference
Port Townsend, WA
Tilth Producers of Washington Annual Conference
Ojai, CA
Seed Production 101
Tacoma, WA
Association of Specialty Cut Flower Growers National Conference

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